Welcome on Fly-the-planet.com!

As you may have noticed, this board has been created for French speaking travelers and almost all topics are written in French. Except... here where our overseas friends are more than welcome. So if you need any tip or advise, feel free to ask us!
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Welcome on Fly-the-planet.com!

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Hello and welcome on Fly-the-planet.com! :D

Beside the website, these forums have been created to offer a friendly place to exchange around commercial aviation.

As you can see, and because similar forums already exist in English, most of these forums are dedicated to the French speaking community worldwide. However, this particular forum has been created for English speaking people to allow them to participate to our community, ask for advises from the French community, or on products available in French speaking countries.

So you are more than welcome here! Feel free to ask questions or translations about information you may find here, on the net, or about advises you may need.

Please take note that if you are interested in this forum or some particular topics, you may subscribe them to receive email notifications when anything new is posted.

We wish you a pleasant visit! :)
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