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Fly-the-planet.com is an exchange and reference space dedicated to the flight travel world, regardless if it's for personal or professional purpose.

It is mainly for french speaking people but worldwide visitors are also welcome through a fully bilingual website (French/English), and a specific forum.

Fly-the-planet.com is dedicated to commercial aviation enthusiasts that should feel at home here, as well as others that need information to prepare trips and that should be able to find it very quickly, especially thanks to the documentation centre that centralizes accurate, verified and up-to-date information.

The website also offers a press review gathering news from numerous French and English speaking websites, a download space with links to multiple useful tools to prepare your trips, the possibility to subscribe to our news and any forum through RSS or Atom newsfeeds, and/or email notifications, etc., etc.

In short, all the team hopes that you will find this new space useful, that it will quickly become your privileged information source to prepare your next trips, and wish you a very enjoyable visit! :)

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